My cyst keeps leaking fluid and pus.

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It is quite normal for a pilonidal cyst/sinus to leak or drain pus from time to time. There is no cause for alarm.

This is actually a good thing and the more it drains fluid, blood and pus, the better you will feel. The most important thing to do is to keep the area infection free during this time.

This is when you are the most vulnerable to infection because your cyst now has an opening to it. And if bacteria and other microorganisms make their way into this hole (and eventually into your body), you are going to be in for a world of hurting… trust me.

Your best option is to keep the area extra clean and bandaged up. Go out and get some good medical tape and gauze and wrap that sucker up before you go out everyday.

Keep it clean and free from infection by washing (as many times as possible) with an antibacterial soap or consider even an antibacterial spray. It comes in handy when you’re on the go and can’t wash up.

FYI: Now that you have a draining pilonidal cyst, your best bet would be to see to it that every drop of pus is removed from your body. Unfortunately, allowing it to drain on it’s own without any outside help from you will be very short lived. It will eventually close back up, leaving plenty of pus inside to cause you more pain.

A few years ago, I stumbled on a homeopathic remedy that assists the body in expelling pus. It works fast and efficiently. Don’t lose out on this rare opportunity to get rid of your pilonidal cyst while it’s leaking pus on its own naturally.

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Michael Lynch is a former pilonidal cyst sufferer, freelance medical health researcher and writer. He devotes much of his free time helping other sufferers deal and cope with this terrible disease. Contact Michael

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