Pilonidal cyst antibiotics

pilonidal cyst antibiotics

When you have a pilonidal cyst and are told it is an abscess, your first thought is probably to bring on the best antibiotics. Antibiotics have turned into a medical panacea, given for everything from a cough to pain in your backside.

Unfortunately, the role of antibiotics in pilonidal cysts is discouraging, yet people still think of them as the solution. It may solve a short-term problem, but the long-term problem of a hole in your gluteal cleft cannot be solved by antibiotics alone.

They certainly have their place – especially if you are dealing with the complications from pilonidal cysts – but they are not a cure in themselves. It is important to see them as the stop-gap measure that they are.

Pilonidal cyst antibiotic action

Antibiotics kill bacteria, and that is about the only thing they really do. When you have a pilonidal abscess, taking an antibiotic will help to decrease that infection and relieve your pain. If you have cellulitis, or an infection of the skin, secondary to the cyst and abscess, then the antibiotic will certainly clear these up and help with pain.

However, when you have a pilonidal cyst, the problem just gets worse unless some other alternative course is taken. Antibiotics don’t change the fact that you have a big hole in your butt that is collecting debris, hair, and pus and causing you to get a painful infection.

The only way to heal your pilonidal cyst is to have the hole removed somehow. You can opt for surgery, or let nature be your surgeon. Otherwise, you are doomed to have abscess recurrences that will cause you more pain.

Types of antibiotics for pilonidal cysts

Countless antibiotics exist that your doctor could prescribe for you, but the most common types are Keflex, a derivative of penicillin, and Augmentin. You may take the generic forms of these drugs, cephalexin or amoxicillin and clavulanate.

If you have a different type of bacteria growing in your abscess, though, your doctor could choose any one of the number of antibiotics that are targeted towards the specific bacteria that is growing in your cyst.

Sometimes doctors may prescribe Cipro, or ciprofloxacin, to handle your infection. This is a broad spectrum antibiotic, and it is not always necessary to control the problem. Cipro is also a very expensive drug, which means you should always try to get the generic form of it. Prescribing a broad spectrum antibiotic is not always a good idea because it can lead to some of the dangers that come from antibiotics.

The dangers of too many antibiotics

If you get a pilonidal cyst more than twice per year, it is not safe to continue to take antibiotics for every flare up. Taking too many antibiotics has led to certain bacteria becoming resistant, or essentially immune, to all but the most powerful antibiotics.

When you take your medications, you must make sure that you take the full course to prevent the evolution of these super bacteria that are causing so many problems. Of course, antibiotics serve an important and valuable purpose. If you have an active infection, most surgeons will insist that you take a course of antibiotics to prevent the wound from becoming infected later.

However, it is the consistent overuse and misuse of pilonidal cyst antibiotics that are causing the problem with resistant bacteria. If you are getting infections regularly, you need to have some other form of natural intervention, to deal with your cyst without causing even more damage to your health down the road.


Michael Lynch is a former pilonidal cyst sufferer, freelance medical health researcher and writer. He devotes much of his free time helping other sufferers deal and cope with this terrible disease. Contact Michael

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