Pilonidal Cyst Treatments

Here’s a list of temporary pilonidal cyst treatments you can try to help reduce the swelling and alleviate the pain associated with your pilonidal cyst.

REQUIRED MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Before trying any pilonidal cyst treatment or remedy, always consult with your doctor first. Information on this site is for informational purposes only and not meant to take the place of any medical advice provided by your doctor or other medical professional.

Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil

There are many pilonidal cyst sufferers that swear by the healing properties of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has natural antiseptic and anti-viral properties. For centuries, the people of Australia (where most of the worlds tea tree oil comes from) have used it to heal and care for various types of skin ailments. Now you can use this tea tree oil remedy to ease the pain and help diminish the size of your pilonidal cyst.




Garlic is not only a popular ingredient added to many dishes throughout the world, but is also regularly used medicinally to cure and treat many different types of diseases and illnesses. It is a safe natural antibiotic and antiseptic agent and one of the most abundant and easily obtainable remedies against pilonidal cysts available. Using a garlic treatment for your pilonidal cyst should be high on your list of remedies try.



Turmeric is an Indian spice most often used in many cultures around the world to flavor food. It’s also a powerful remedy against pilonidal cysts as well. Many discussion boards and forums online rave about the amazing skin healing properties this particular spice has to offer. Not only has it been known to treat pilonidal cysts and abscesses in general such as boils and pimples, it is also regularly used internally as a potent medicine against various digestive, heart, liver and blood conditions.

Coccyx Cushion

coccyx cushion

It is crucial when dealing with this disease to keep pressure off of your cyst. The less pressure, the less pain! So, get yourself a coccyx cushion. These work wonders for alleviating much of the pressure associated with sitting down. Coccyx cushions are scientifically designed to relieve and prevent back pain, pilonidal cysts and other discomforts associated with sitting.


campho phenique

Campho phenique is a germicide that will keep the area in and around your cyst infection free and also acts as a drawing agent to rupture the cyst allowing the puss to come out. If you have some of this lying around in your medicine cabinet, use it as a temporary treatment for your cyst. This campho phenique remedy is good for calming the inflammation and itchiness as well.



Vitamins are essential in preventing pilonidal cysts and treating them if they do occur. If you are vitamin deficient, it’s going to be extra hard for you to bounce back from this disease any time soon. However, simply increasing your intake of vitamins allows your bodies own natural defense mechanism to facilitate healing. Take these specific vitamins to help heal your pilonidal cyst sooner.



Since the ancient Egyptians, honey has been used on skin wounds as an antiseptic dressing. Honey contains potassium, which kills bacteria by withdrawing moisture. Honey will also reduce scarring after the cyst diminishes and goes away. Recent medical research shows honey to contain antioxidant qualities (very important when treating your cyst) and potent ant-viral properties as well. This honey remedy is a proven healer of pilonidal cysts and has been used by thousands of sufferers for relief.



Iodine is a trace mineral used by every hormone receptor in the body and is essential for normal growth and development. It is also produced naturally by the body and is primarily found in the thyroid gland in the neck. Using iodine as a remedy for certain skin conditions is nothing new. Many generations ago, people discovered the healing properties of iodine in treating boils, cysts, skin tags and other skin ailments. Use this iodine remedy and start feeling better sooner.

Epsom Salts

epsom salt

Epsom salt is one of nature’s greatest gifts. Originally discovered in Epsom, England (hence the name Epsom salt) it has been used for a variety of muscle and skin treatments. It’s soothing and relaxing qualities can be used to quell inflammation and release dangerous toxins from the body. This Epsom salt treatment is very easy to do and the most relaxing of all the treatments we recommend here on this site. It immediately begins to take effect and within minutes can dull the pain.

Castor Oil

castor oil

Castor oil has amazing healing properties and has been used for hundreds of years. When taken orally, castor oil helps ease stomach aches, constipation and mild diarrhea. Castor oil can also draw out impurities from your pilonidal cyst in a relatively short amount of time bringing much needed relief. Try this castor oil treatment for moderate relief of your pilonidal cyst.


Antibacterial Soap

antibacterial soap

Infections are common with pilonidal cysts so it is extremely important you keep the area as clean as possible. Using an antibacterial soap or spray, clean the area as often as you can. This will ensure you keep your cyst squeaky clean and free from bacteria and infection. Here are some more pointers on how to keep your cyst clean.


Healthy Lifestyle


It goes without saying, but a healthy diet is important when combating a pilonidal cyst. Incorporate more fruits, vegetables and water into your diet. Exercising is something we don’t do enough in our fast paced hectic lifestyle, but it is very important when dealing with pilonidal cysts. Pilonidal cysts occur mostly from sitting down for great lengths of time, so getting up and walking around will help the cyst heal and prevent it from returning.



Hair Removal

hair removal

The term pilonidal literally means “a nest of hair” in Latin. Doctors believe pilonidal cysts are caused by the penetration of loose hairs into the skin. So, it goes without saying that a hair free environment will reduce the outbreaks. You can either shave, to keep the area around your cyst as hair free as possible or use one of these other common hair removal methods.

Hot Compress

hot compress

A hot compress will quickly give you some relief from your pilonidal cyst. Applying a hot compress to your cyst as many times as you possibly can throughout the healing process will numb and dull the pain away. You can either buy one, or make a simple one at home by following these directions.

Hot Sitz Bath

sitz bath

A sitz bath is exactly as it sounds… a bath where you sit in hot water that covers only your buttocks region. The heat from the water will reduce the swelling and pain. It also promotes faster healing by allowing the cyst to mature faster and hopefully open up to release all the pus inside. Here’s how to create your own sitz bath at home.