What can I take to ease the pain from pilonidal cysts?

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Yes, pilonidal cysts are painful indeed. So, your first priority is to seek fast and temporary relief until you figure out what it is you are going to do about this.

I’ve taken a few things in my day when I used to get pilonidal cysts and I’ll share a couple of different ideas with you today.

First, and you’ll hear me say this all the time on this website, always keep the area clean and dry. This can’t be emphasized enough. Clean numerous times throughout the day with warm to hot water and consider using an antibacterial soap. The cleaner your pilonidal cyst, the better.

One good way to get some relief from pilonidal cysts would be to apply constant heat to it. This does wonders for the pain by numbing it away quickly. Visit this page on applying a hot compress to your pilonidal cyst.

I think rather than me tell you what to do, I’ll just guide you to my treatments page. These are all of the ways I know to combat pilonidal cyst pain.

Pay particular attention to the tea tree oil remedy, garlic remedy, and honey remedy. I’ve been getting a lot more positive feedback from my campho phenique treatment as well. It works as a drawing agent and numbs the area rather fast.

As for any OTC pilonidal cyst drugs, there’s really nothing out there that gives significant relief. However, of all the pain killers on the market, Aleve seems to be the best when it comes to calming or reducing pilonidal cyst pain.

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Michael Lynch is a former pilonidal cyst sufferer, freelance medical health researcher and writer. He devotes much of his free time helping other sufferers deal and cope with this terrible disease. Contact Michael

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