Will a pilonidal cyst go away on its own?

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Many people ask me if their pilonidal cyst will ever go away on its own or by itself. And the only answer I can give them is “maybe”.

Personally, my pilonidal cyst would come and go periodically each year. I would experience on average about 2 to 3 flare ups a year with each one lasting between 30 to 45 days. So, in that sense they did come and go.

Most pilonidal cysts technically do not just disappear by themselves however. At least not permanently. Sure, the swelling and pain may go down, but almost always will return… many times worse than before.

The reason a pilonidal cyst doesn’t go away on its own is because without any direct intervention to eliminate the true cause of pilonidal cysts, there’s no way for it to get healed.

However, there is one thing that’s working in your favor… “time”.

Time will heal your cyst eventually. How much time? Well, that depends on how old you are.

If you’re in your teens or early twenties, then you’re going to have to wait a VERY long time. I mean, we’re talking years!

You see, pilonidal cysts tend to only effect people who are young, particularly those in their teens or early twenties. Sure, you can be much older and still get one, but it is rare.

After you hit a certain age, the chances of your pilonidal cyst ever coming back diminish significantly. How old you ask? I would say after the age of 35.

If you’re in your mid thirties and have a pilonidal cyst, the good news is the disease is on its last phases and will begin to wither away as the weeks and months go by.

However, if you’re younger, then I hate to say it, but the chances of your pilonidal cyst going away on its own are very slim. It could happen, but it’s not likely.

So, to answer the question once and for all if pilonidal cysts go away on their own: it’s possible but highly unlikely without any direct intervention on your part. And even if it does happen to go away by itself, chances are good that it will only come back in the near future.

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Michael Lynch is a former pilonidal cyst sufferer, freelance medical health researcher and writer. He devotes much of his free time helping other sufferers deal and cope with this terrible disease. Contact Michael

6 Responses to Will a pilonidal cyst go away on its own?
  1. aunt of sufferer
    November 10, 2011 | 10:36 PM


  2. A sufferer
    December 8, 2011 | 8:56 PM

    I’ve had my cyst since I was about 15 and I’m now 26…this is devastating. It’s a long time, I have started back getting them monthly(again).

  3. Very odd
    February 16, 2012 | 6:08 PM

    I had/have a pilonidal cyst for around 4-5 years now, but it hasn’t bothered me too much since it never got infected. It was just itchy sometimes. One day in the shower I was scratching it and a compressed bundle of hair ”came out”. Since then I haven’t felt anything. I think it healed, since there was no infection ever, and probably what kept it from closing was the bundle of hair in it, that is now out.

    • Michael Lynch
      February 16, 2012 | 9:32 PM

      Interesting story. That’s a bit strange the bundle of hair came out like that.

    • Elnur
      March 26, 2012 | 3:07 PM

      I am a new sufferer and finllay found relief from castor oil. I tried tea tree oil first and the sting was unbearable (even diluted it with olive oil). This weekend I applied castor oil and the cyst began to drain. I was so surprised-and relieved! The cyst is now very small and I realized I was sitting down normally with no pain. So far, castor oil has been the best treatment I\’ve found.

  4. Jehad Salha
    February 20, 2012 | 4:35 PM

    hi and thanks for sharing

    12 years ago i fall on my tailbone,few days later i felt an inflammation arround the tailbone and alot of pain started,after a week i decided to lance the inflammation by myself, i pushed hard, then blood and yellow liquid and a surprising compressed bundle of hair,after that i felt comfortable, and i had no problem with the cyst for a few coming years, i got it painful when caused by prolonged sitting which agravates and creates pressure on the tailbone.now when i have the problem i try to heal it with lancing the liquid and 1 or 2 shot IM antibiotic,then avoid the direct pressure on it.

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