Pilonidal Cyst Wound Care Products

Here’s a list of wound care products that have either been used by ourselves, visitors or suggested by doctors and wound healing professionals. All can be ordered online and shipped around the world. If you need more information or have any questions about any of the following products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ointments , Salves and Powders

These products aid in speeding up recovery time and help remove visible scars left by pilonidal cysts.


Mederma is a gel that helps reduce the appearance of scars resulting from pilonidal cysts, making them softer, smoother, and less noticeable. Use after wound has healed.

Average Cost - About $30 for a .7oz tube

User Comments - None so far


Iodex is iodine in paste form. Inhibits the growth and action of bacteria in minor cuts, wounds, and abrasions. Promotes healing. Draws out minor infections.

Average Cost - About $12 for a 1oz jar

User Reviews - "I use this all the time on my pilonidal cyst. It keeps the infections away and reduces the size considerably."

Multidex Powder
multidex powder

Multidex fills the wound site creating a protective layer over your pilonidal cyst. It is not absorbed and controls heavy odors. Nontoxic.

Average Cost - About $25 for a large 45 gr tube

User Reviews - "I am impressed with how it works, and I like the fact that it doesn't seem to contain any harsh chemicals that can damage granulating tissue as the wound heals. It is a powder, so it absorbs drainage, and converts to a gel that keeps the wound bed moist (without being too moist). It's also not as expensive as similar wound products, so I will probably use it again."

Manuka Honey
manuka honey

Manuka Honey is the only Sterile Active 20+ Honey Wound Healing on the market. PURE ACTIVE HONEY - NOT A CREAM - More effective than creams because it is 100% active honey. The most natural way to heal pilonidal cysts.

Average Cost - About $20 for a 60 gr tube

User Reviews - "The product worked great. In a little less than one month my pilonidal cyst was healed. I would recommend this product if conventional drugs are ineffective or you would like to become more holistic. The only drawback with this product is the need for multiple applications daily for the defeat of the infection. That part wasn't a problem just a nuisance. Overall the product is great and I will buy again in the future if needed."

Dermagran-B Hydrophilic Wound Gel

Dermagran-B Hydrophilic Wound Gel provides either a primary cover or filler for chronic and acute wounds. Contains Derma Sciences zinc-nutrient dressing formulation and balanced pH technology, providing a moist, mildly acidic environment conducive to wound healing. In addition these products contain Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, calcium and Magnesium.

Average Cost - About $30 for a 3oz tube

User Reviews - None so far

Wound Dressings

The following wound dressings are of the highest quality and are used by medical professionals around the world. They will maintain and control the moisture content of your cyst and keep it clean and uninfected from bacteria and other organisms.

Adaptic Non-adhering Dressing

Adaptic Non-adhering Dressing is a primary dressing made of knitted cellulose acetate and impregnated with a specially formulated petrolatum emulsion designed to prevent dressing adherence while allowing exudate to easily pass through the absorbent layer. ADAPTIC Non-adhering Dressing is ideal for most draining wounds. Sterile.

Average Cost - About $35 to $40 for a box of 50

User Reviews - "This dressing is great. It does not stick to the skin is VERY easy to take off and allows the wound to breathe. By far the best dressing I've ever used. Highly recommended."


Kaltostat Calcium Sodium Alginate dressing is indicated for moderately to highly exuding chronic and acute wounds, and for wounds with minor bleeding. Recommended if normal packing is too painful.

Average Cost - About $60 for a box of 10

User Reviews - None so far


AQUACEL Ag Hydrofiber Wound Dressing with lonic Silver does more than just provide antimicrobial activity. AQUACEL Ag Hydrofiber Wound Dressing with lonic Silver is indicated for moderate to high exuding wounds which are infected or at risk of infection. It is the only antimicrobial dressing that incorporates Hydrofiber Technology.

Average Cost - About $60 for a box of 10

User Reviews - "This product was prescribed by our doctor. It keeps the wound moist and free from germs. Allows a deep surgical wound to heal slowly from the inside out."

Restore Hydrocolloid & Calcium Dressing

Restore Hydrocolloid Dressing is a conformable occlusive dressing with flexible outer layer. Maintains a moist wound environment. Manages minimal to moderate exudate in partial- and full-thickness wounds. Includes disposable wound measuring guide. Remains intact when saturated, so it is removed in one piece. Available with or without tapered edges; specialty shapes

Average Cost - About $21 for 5

User Reviews - "I've used this wound dressing for over a year and I highly recommend it to anyone with a pilonidal cyst. Keeps a protective gel covering over the cyst."

Mepilex Transfer

Mepilex transfer is ideal for areas with fragile skin. Minimizes trauma to the wound on removal. Helps maintain a moist environment. Leaves no residue. Adheres gently to surrounding skin without the use of traditional adhesives. Eliminates stripping of epidermal cells. Can be lifted and repositioned easily. Minimizes the risk of maceration.

Average Cost - About $65 for a box of 5 large sheets (sheets can be cut to size)

User Reviews - None so far


Mepore is a popular choice among pilonidalcyst sufferers. Its sterile, low-adherent pads protect healing wounds. Conforms to the body. Spun-lace, non-woven polyester provides smooth porous dressing while minimizing fluid strike-through. High air permeability allows wound to breath.

Average Cost - About $23 for a box of 50

User Reviews - "After surgery, my doctor recommended these pads to speed healing. It is very adhesive but comes right off when you need to change it. Soaks up a lot of pus too."

DuoDerm CGF

DuodermCGF Sterile Dressing is a hydrocolloid, moisture retentive wound dressing used for partial and full thickness wounds with exudate. Can be worn for up to a week at a time.

Average Cost - About $21 for a box of 5

User Reviews - "This product out performs any wound dressing you have ever used. The price was less than half what our local medical supply store was asking."

Hydrofera Blue

Hydrofera Blue is a simple, safe, effective and proven moist wound dressing. It is constructed of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) sponge complexed with two organic pigments, which provide broad-spectrum bacteriostatic protection. Hydrofera Blue is highly absorptive. In addition to being bacteriostatic, its open cell structure provides capillary vacuum action to draw excess fluid from the wound.

Average Cost - About $70 for a box of 10 (2"X2")

User Reviews - None

Dermagran B Wound Dressing

Dermagran B Hydrophilic Wound Dressing provides either a primary cover or filler for chronic and acute wounds. It is supplied in two forms, impregnated gauze and tube. Both of them contains Derma Sciences zinc nutrient dressing formulation and balanced pH technology, providing a moist, mildly acidic environment conducive to wound healing.

Average Cost - About $65 for a box of 25

User Reviews - None

PolyMem WIC Silver

PolyMem WIC Silver's formulation is especially designed for pilonidal cyst wounds. PolyMem Wic expands within the wound cavity to fill dead space, keeping the wound bed clean and moisturized while absorbing excess fluid. As this is a wound filler, to be used only as a primary dressing, this configuration comes without the PolyMem thin film backing.

Average Cost - About $130 for a box of 10

User Reviews - None so far

Silvercel Antimicrobial Alginate Dressing

SILVERCEL Dressing provides antmicrobial action with silver. It's a sterile, non-woven pad composed of high tensile strength alginate, carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and silver coated nylon fibers. Contains elemental silver (8%) as a sustained release formulation. The sustained release of silver aids the dressing in creating an antimicrobial environment. Antimicrobial properties are built-in through the use of X-STATICĀ® Silver Fibers.

Average Cost - About $40 for a box of 10

User Reviews - None so far

Medical Tapes and Bandages

The following tapes and bandages will make living with your pilonidal cyst a little easier. They have remarkable hold, yet come off easily without pulling the skin or surrounding hair.

3M Medipore Soft Cloth Surgical Tape

3M Medipore Soft Cloth Surgical Tape is a soft, gentle, breathable, conformable tape that is easy to use and easy on the skin. Easy-tear perforated rolls with no paper liner. Hypoallergenic and latex free.

Average Cost - About $5 a box

User Reviews - None so far

3M Microfoam Surgical Tape

The 3M Microfoam Surgical Tape is an elastic foam tape designed to stretch and conform while providing secure adhesion to joints or skin folds. Comfortable and easily conformable, it consists of closed-cell foam which allows it to stretch in multiple directions. 3M Microfoam Surgical Tape is water-resistant, and does not contain rubber latex or dry natural rubber.

Average Cost - About $25 for 5.5 yards

User Reviews - None so far

3M Micropore Paper Tape

The 3M Micropore Paper Surgical Tape is a latex-free, hypoallergenic paper tape that is gentle to the skin yet adheres well and leaves minimal adhesive residue upon removal. 3M Micropore Paper Surgical Tape is an economical, general purpose, breathable surgical tape. Micropore tape is excellent for repeated applications on sensitive skin and fragile skin. It is available in white or tan color in a variety of widths.

Average Cost - About $11 for a box of 12

User Reviews - None so far

Uni-Solve Adhesive Remover

Uni-Solve Adhesive Remover is formulated to reduce adhesive trauma to the skin by thoroughly dissolving dressing tape and appliance adhesives. It is ideal for removing acrylic-based, rubber-based, and hydrocolloid-based residues from the skin. Contains aloe which soothes and moisturizes skin without greasiness.

Average Cost - About $13 for a 8 oz bottle

User Reviews - "I use medication patches every day and secure them with medical tape. Unfortunately, I am allergic to the adhesive on tape and band-aids. In fact, I have a serious enough allergy that I develop blisters which become infected. Removing all tape residue is the only way to maintain skin integrity. Before Uni-Solve, I used acetone - which doesn't work at all. A visiting nurse recommended Uni-Solve. What a difference! The sticky residue comes off without effort. It does not irritate my skin. Uni-Solve is appropriate for anyone who routinely uses tape or band-aids."

Cavilon No-Sting Barrier Film (wipes)

Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film is a liquid intended for use as a film forming product, that upon application to intact or damaged skin forms a long lasting waterproof barrier. This acts as a protective interface between the skin and body wastes, fluids, adhesive products and friction. As a primary barrier against irritation from bodily fluids and as a protective barrier against the adhesives of wound dressings and surgical tapes.

Average Cost - About $17 for a pack of 25

User Reviews - "This stuff (Cavilon Barrier Film Wipes), which is very easy to use, provides a layer for the tape to take instead of skin. You wipe a wet sponge applicator on the skin, and the fluid dries to a clear plastic coating."

Cavilon No-Sting Barrier Film (spray)
cavilon spray

Cavilon No Sting Barrier spray is the same as the wipes but in liquid spray form.

Average Cost - About $15 for a 28ml spray bottle

User Reviews - "Easy to use - appears to be more economical than individual wet wipe pads by same manufacturer."

Wound Cleansing Products

These wound cleansing products will keep your cyst clean and bacteria free, speeding up healing time.

Allclenz Wound Cleanser

ALLCLENZ Wound Cleanser is a moisturizing dermal wound cleanser that gently removes wound debris as it cleanses and washes. A mild surfactant and wetting agent aids in removing debris and exudate without harming fragile tissue or compromising the natural healing process. ALLCLENZ Wound Cleanser supports a moist wound environment, safely and effectively preparing the wound for application of ointments and creams.

Average Cost - About $14 for a 12oz bottle

User Reviews - None

Sterile Saline Wound Wash
wound wash

Sterile Saline Wound Wash is clinically proven to remove bacteria and debris. Does not burn or sting and is very mild to the skin. Its revolutionary dispenser sprays upside down. Very popular item.

Average Cost - About $7 for a 7.1 fl oz spray can

User Reviews - "I use it all the time to keep my pilonidal cyst and surrounding skin clean and bacteria free. And its cheap."

Dermagran Wound Cleanser with Zinc

Dermagran Wound Cleanser with Zinc 4 oz. Spray Bottle Dermagran Wound Cleanser is a gentle skin and wound cleanser that contains both Zinc and Viatmin B6. As such, the wound cleanser is designed to not just cleanse, but to also prepare the wound bed with an optimal environment for wound healing. The multi-use spray bottle is designed so that the protective cap does not need to be fully removed in order to operate, increasing ease of use. This 360 delivery system meets AHCPR guidelines for irrigation pressure. The cleanser contains one of the lowest cytoxic formulations on the market. When used along with Dermagran -B, these synergistic products can help to optimize your clinical outcomes.

Average Cost - About $5 for a 4oz bottle

User Reviews - "This is a good product for wound irrigation. The bottle is easy to open with one hand. It has a nice pointed nozzle which allows the product to stream out. It works well when irrigating a wound. The product is non-irritating and promotes wound healing."

Dettol Antiseptic Wound Wash

Dettol Antiseptic Wash Spray is a ready-to-use antiseptic to wash out wounds. It has a convenient no-touch application and is highly effective in washing out wounds.

Average Cost - About $13 for a 25oz bottle

User Reviews - None


Dermaklenze Wound Cleanser facilitates the removal of organic material, slough, blood clots, other wound debris and dead tissue without disrupting wound bed. Prepares wound bed for primary dressing. Does not contain detergents, and does not require rinsing. Nonirritating formulation; pH balanced.

Average Cost - About $13 for a 8oz bottle

User Reviews - None